Student Service Fees Committee recommendations

by Nicole Praska, University alumna


I am writing this letter to the editor regarding a comment made by a representative from the Ayn Rand Study Group concerning the group’s Student Services Fees Committee recommendation of $0 for next year. The representative claimed that “groups that are conservative by nature … are hit kind of hard,” and there is a change to “promote more liberal groups on campus.” 

This is an unfounded accusation and inspires unnecessary controversy on a campus that thrives on diversity and welcomes any and all kinds of groups to organize and be a part of the University community.

Several other groups were also recommended $0 from the SSFC for practical and legitimate reasons, such as failure to be “responsible with financial obligations in record keeping,” and, as was described in the case for the Ayn Rand Study Group, “payment-support issues.” Instead of declaring false accusations of discrimination, all groups denied of their requests should come to terms with the fact that they made mistakes and then revise their financial habits in order to qualify in the future.