Save finals for finals week, please

If any professors are reading this, please act while there’s still time to keep finals during finals week.

by Maddie Eaton

With finals week creeping up on us, students are beginning to think about preparing for their exams. Some teachers, in an effort to help students with time management, choose to give their tests during the last week of class rather than during finals week. On behalf of all students, I’m asking any professors who plan to do this to please reverse that decision while there’s still time.
Early tests can overwhelm students who have final projects and papers in other classes due during the same week as exams. 
In addition, it sometimes seems as though professors have an ulterior motive for giving early exams — it provides them with more time to finish up final grades.
Teachers who’ve scheduled their finals early should consider rearranging their class schedules to cancel this. Doing so would allow students to focus solely on exams, rather than tacking on the additional stress of final projects and research papers.
In addition to two final exams during the last week of class, I also have two group projects and a sizable research paper due at the end of this semester. During finals week, however, I only have one exam scheduled, and it’s on the last possible day — more than a full week after my last class period. If my exams were scheduled throughout finals week rather than during established class periods, my workload would be much more manageable.
Finals week provides students with an abundance of time to prepare for lengthy exams. Professors should honor this and make a change to their schedules before it’s too late.
Maddie Eaton welcomes comments at [email protected].