Expectations for a new governor

Independent candidate Peter Hutchinson is a fresh change from partisanship.

As Election Day approaches, narrow-minded partisanship is again at play in the governor’s race. Instead of providing voters with well-thought-out plans concerning schools, roads, health care and the environment, Republican candidate Tim Pawlenty and Democratic candidate Mike Hatch are focusing on character destruction and threats from the other side, instead of providing voters with solutions to the state’s current problems. Campaigns should be about issues, which is why Independence Party candidate Peter Hutchinson shines through.

During his term as governor, Pawlenty’s state budget and refusal to raise taxes have hurt Minnesotans. For University students, Pawlenty’s budget cuts hit home, resulting in two years in a row of 13 percent increased tuition rates. His disregard for student needs is appalling. Pawlenty’s inability to defend public education and public services proves him unworthy to represent our interests.

Hatch, on the other hand, addresses student concerns and emphasizes the importance of access to higher education by promising a cut in college tuition. It is his abrasive personality and bullying reputation, however, that weaken his ability to unite people and groups to accomplish real change.

Despite ack of funding and organizational structure, Hutchinson will allow Minnesota to move forward. His ideas on health care reform are visionary and will deliver at a better price for all Minnesotans. His proposal for the state’s education system includes expanding public funding for early childhood education and making college affordable. In other key issues, Hutchinson vows to invest in transportation and is dedicated to repairing the damage to our environment. Unlike the other candidates, Hutchinson approaches issues from a fresh perspective and promises to make tough choices to improve the lives of Minnesotans.

Because of Hutchinson’s innovative ideas and vision, we believe he is Minnesota’s best choice for the future. The time has come to claim independence from partisan politics and stand behind the candidate with the best vision. It is time for us to move not left, not right, but forward.