Program helps launch U research

The Try and Buy program is helping get University research projects into the hands of businesses.

The University of Minnesota plans on expanding its Minnesota Innovation Partnerships program to include a launching program for campus research projects. The Try and Buy program is a smart way to expose potential buyers to the University’s world-class research.

Many University research projects may have trouble with getting initial exposure to interested buyers. Without users, we can’t reap the benefits of research. The Try and Buy program could allow the University to profit off more than 300 unused, unlicensed technologies, the Minnesota Daily reported Feb. 6.

The program works by showcasing projects to Minnesota companies via limited trial uses at a cheaper rate. Also, with smaller introductory periods, the risk to begin utilizing a project is lower for companies. In this way, the University can make negotiations more efficient and get projects into the market faster.

Participation in the program is already under way with more than 200 University technologies. Hopefully, more researchers will try out the program and use it to help launch their projects.

While the Try and Buy Program allows the University to profit off more projects, the ultimate benefit is seeing more University research in the marketplace. It’s only when buyers choose to use these technologies that they’ll be able to benefit consumers.

By putting more University technology into the hands of companies, the Try and Buy program furthers the University’s mission of creating technology to benefit its community.