Is being able to get a driver’s license a privilege or a human right?

To what extent would you go to save your loved ones? Currently there is a bill in the Minnesota Legislature on whether it should be legal for undocumented immigrants to acquire driver’s licenses.
Personally, I have witnessed a distressed, immigrant mother, and also my former neighbor, reluctantly drive to the hospital to get the care she needed for her ailing daughter.
Not only was the daughter’s life at risk but also the lives of every other driver sharing the road that day. 
The mother did not want to but chose to drive without a license, seeing as the wait for a taxi or public transportation would put her daughter’s life in jeopardy.
Even today, many undocumented immigrants already drive knowing full well that it is illegal. 
If they are going to drive anyway, why not allow these people the chance they seek to learn how to be a safe driver?
As of now, the proposed bill would allow immigrants without formal papers to receive licenses only after passing the same driver’s exam every citizen must take to drive legally. 
These licenses would, however, have a marking on the back similar to those found on licenses’ of people with eye impairments. 
It would read, “For Driving Purposes Only.” 
This way, the licenses can only be used as, just that, licenses.
Think of how many fewer accidents or conflicts there would be if everyone was liable for knowing the safety regulations and being insured. 
Many immigrants strive to be model citizens and would welcome the opportunity to drive legally with open arms. 
So again, I ask what would you do to save someone you love?