‘Gently into the reach of the night’ generates discussion

by Mike Rose

The recent series on crime and violence on the West Bank has generated more constructive discussion, through reader comments, than anyone at the Daily can remember. It was a source of conversation yesterday among a few reporters and editors here. Never before had any of us seen so many on-topic comments for one story. Often, the comment board can become filled with insensitive and irrational material, but for this series, the back and forth has generally come from well founded opinions. It’ll be interesting to see if this continues with today’s installment, the last in the series. I’d be interested to hear from readers what exactly about this series has developed such a lively talk. Perhaps, it’s a result of coverage of an area that truthfully doesn’t get covered much. Or possibly it is a result of the three stories being so well written. Or maybe some combination of these factors and others. Mike Rose City Editor