Make Kasich our next president

I would like to recommend Ohio Gov. John Kasich the Republican presidential candidate. He is moderate, fiscally responsible, knowledgeable about the Department of Defense and compassionate.
Before he was elected governor, Kasich served as Chair of the House Budget Committee and helped balance the federal budget. He has vowed that, as president, balancing the federal budget will be a priority. 
As governor in Ohio, Kasich has reduced taxes. I would describe him as a “doer” more than a talker.
When he was in Congress, Kasich was a member of the House Armed Services Committee, so he is knowledgeable about the workings of the Pentagon.
Perhaps most importantly, Kasich seems sensible, balanced and patient. He’s also compassionate. I was very moved by his passion when I heard him describing ways to reduce the recidivism rate in Ohio’s prisons.
Finally, Kasich is pro-life, which is vital to ensuing generations of children.
Gregory Voss
Minnesota Daily reader