2010 elections not so certain

The energy Obama brought to his campaign is still palpable.

by Jake Breedlove

Recently, numerous media outlets all over the country have predicted that the upcoming midterm elections are not about whether the Democrats win or lose but by how much. I am fortunate enough to have significant insider knowledge of the political landscape across the country and in Minnesota as the director of the student side of Organizing for America, the grassroots organization dedicated to advancing President Barack ObamaâÄôs legislative agenda. At the end of last month we held a student strategy outreach session that completely blew away our attendance expectations. We had over three times the attendees we had planned for, which is significant for a number of reasons. Midterm election turnouts are historically low, but this level of student interest six months prior to election day is unprecedented and strongly correlates with student voter turnout Nov. 2. If 2008 is any sort of guide, a majority of students will again vote for candidates on the Democratic ticket. Lastly, Organizing for America is the most expansive and capable organization of its kind. WeâÄôre stronger than ever and are in full mobilization for the midterm elections. If thereâÄôs a way to get students to vote, OFA knows what it is and will be out in numbers come November. I wouldnâÄôt say the energy that Obama rode into the White House has fizzled out just yet; youâÄôd be surprised what a health care reform victory can do to re-energize a party. In fact, weâÄôre just getting warmed up. Jake Breedlove, University undergraduate student