MSA’s abilities

As a student and current at-large representative of the Minnesota Student Association, I am very disappointed with the tone of The Minnesota Daily editorial board regarding the tuition cap and the powers of MSA. First, it is true that MSA does not have binding power in its resolution. But it is also true that MSA is the undergraduate student advocacy group with the most access to the higher administration and the Legislature. Students should know the limits of what MSA can do but they should also know that we frequently meet with members of the higher administration and our opinions are well respected and considered. Second, the factoid, âÄúWith rising tuition rates, students and leaders should work togetherâÄù is absolutely true. But was not the main point of the editorial. The editorial board decided instead to talk about the limits of MSA rather than emphasize that the positions of MSA are most likely to be enacted when there is more student involvement. Lastly, I am disappointed that the Daily did not take a position on the tuition cap. In the past the Daily has taken positions on many resolutions passed by MSA. Why then would they not comment on the content of perhaps the single most substantive resolution passed by Forum in the past few years? The Daily is another powerful student voice on campus and should be involved in the discussion rather than simply trying to highlight the limitations of another strong student voice on campus. I urge the Daily editorial board to be fair and accurate in their assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of MSA. They have not been fair in the past and are not being fair this academic year âÄî one in which MSA has become a much more productive organization. Dylan Kelly University student