2.5 million people like this.

by Ryan Bailey

In February, Facebook added the Like feature, allowing people to express their approval for posts and status updates with a single click.  This feature adds you to a tally, set forth with a tiny thumbs-up icon, that keeps track of the number of Likes.  Facebook’s rationale was that a lot of people would add short, one-word comments, like "cool" and "awesome", that took too long to write, read, and render.

Since the feature’s debut, there’s been strong support for the addition of a Dislike feature, to replace comments in the vein of "yuck" and "this is stupid".  While Facebook hasn’t officially implemented the feature, there is now a Firefox extension that performs a similar function. 

The extension was created by Thomas Moquet, a developer who felt that there was high demand for the dislike feature.  Moquet hosts all the extension’s data on his own servers, which are undoubtedly less reliable than Facebook’s.  If they go down, everyone’s Dislikes disappear until the servers are fixed.

Those who use Facebook through Threadsy, an invite-only site that consolidates most popular social computing functions, have had the option to Abhor Facebook comments.  This just posts a comment with a link that, if followed, will provide a paragraph of explanation describing what it means to be abhorred.  For those of us without Threadsy invites, the Firefox plugin is the best available alternative, and seems much better anyway.

If you want to add yourself to the list of 2.5 million Facebook users who would like to see an official dislike button added, there are a few different groups you can join.

Go forth, my children, and spread the dislike.