Get scrappy with Villa Rosa at the Walker

by Sarah Harper

Wait, what’s Villa Rosa?

It’s the brand new musical duo of Maria Isa and Muja Messiah.

And who are they?

Maria Isa is the Twin Cities native known for being a champion of cultural diversity, a politcal activist and oh yeah, a smooth-to-death songwriter.

Muja Messiah is a local hip-hop vet. Check out his Myspace to listen to his song, “Gary Coleman,” and his adaptation of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes.”  Choice lyrics from his collaboration with Slug: “I’m more American than apple pie and heroin.”

Woah, cool. This show’s probably really expensive, right?

No, it’s free. Two VIPs for the price of none. 

No way! When and where?

This Thursday, Oct. 27 from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Walker Art Center.

Wait. Why is it four hours long?

Don’t worry –Villa Rosa isn’t pulling a Mallman-style slow one on ya. This performance is part of a much larger event: the Walker’s annual student open house for students. This year the open house is called Get Scrappy. It’s inspired by the exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production, which includes the chalk-drawing machine, “Viktor.” 

Oh, cool.

Yeah. Here’s a picture of Villa Rosa to whet your appetite:

Photo courtesy of the Walker Art Center