‘Extroverted’ student protests charges

by Tom Lopez

Andrew Tellijohn

A University student will protest a citation for obstructing traffic and endangering life and property, saying he doesn’t think what he did merited punishment.
According to the police report, John Abraham was standing in the middle of University Ave. on Saturday, jumping up and down and waving his arms, forcing passing cars to slow or stop. Abraham allegedly laid across the hood of one stopped car and put both his arms on the driver’s window.
However, Abraham takes issue with the charge, saying at no point did he climb onto the car. Instead, he said he was walking down the street, holding his arms as if driving a bus, and yelling “honk.” Having just come out of a bar with friends, he said he was just out having fun.
“No cars were in the street,” he said. “I did not consider my actions to be dangerous.”
Abraham said he plans to take the issue to court. If the officer doesn’t show up, he says his chances are good that he will overturn the citation. “My chances are about 50-50,” he said.
Nevertheless, Abraham said the citation is unmerited. “I don’t think the street should be restricted to just vehicles with wheels,” he said. “I think walkers are being discriminated against in my case.”
Abraham has a shaved head, a fact he thinks might have contributed to the citation. “Maybe I looked like a crazy person,” he said. “I’m just extroverted at all times.”

Police attended to several other incidents during spring break:
ùUniversity police issued a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia last Monday after finding a man with two crack pipes in a women’s bathroom in Blegen Hall.
According to the police report, three men and one woman entered the Blegen bathroom and were holding the door shut when the officers announced themselves. Officer David St. Cyr said in the report that he yelled “University Police” and knocked on the door several times before forcing it open.
The pipes were found on Leron Rome Stuart, age 30. The woman said she was exchanging sex for crack, but no drugs were found on the premises. All four were issued trespassing warnings. None of them had previous warrants.
ùTwo robbers who stole an undisclosed amount of money from the Twin City Co-op Federal Credit Union last Thursday are still at large.
Investigators from the FBI continue to search for the men, who are considered dangerous.
“We always assume that bank robbers are dangerous,” said Special Agent Kevin Rickett. “It takes a certain amount of gumption to rob a bank in the first place.”
According to an FBI press release, the two robbers demanded the money, then climbed onto the teller counter.
The two thieves left the bank and drove away in a stolen 1993 champagne-brown Honda Accord.
Anyone with information regarding the robbery is asked to contact the FBI (376-3200), the Minneapolis Police Department or Crime Stoppers.