Higher standards mean lower math scores for Minnesota kids

by Greta Kaul

A more difficult standardized math test may have contributed to lower math scores for Minnesota elementary and middle school students this year, the Star Tribune reports.

Less than 57 percent of Minnesota students were proficient in math this year, according to Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment results released Wednesday by the Minnesota Department of Education. Last year, 66 percent were proficient.

The education department made the math section of its comprehensive assessment more difficult in order to set a higher bar for schools, but in terms of actual achievement, scores amount to students achieving at about the same rate as last year, MinnPost reports.

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment can dictate whether students graduate from high school. Results can result in punishment for underperforming schools. The “high-stake” test can also determine whether No Child Left Behind will deem the Minnesota schools failures, MinnPost said.

At 75 percent, reading proficiency is up 3 percent from last year.