Dr. Date: My hookup’s sex playlist is ridiculously awful

The sex is great, but I can’t get off to “Beat It”…


Dear Dr. Date,

So, I met this guy a few weeks ago. And holy god, is he good at sex. Not going to get into details, but we are having a GREAT time. Not only that, he actually makes his bed and doesn’t leave his room a disaster, so I think it’s true love.

It would be perfect … if not for his music taste. See, he liked putting on music during sex, which is totally normal. But the songs are exclusively on the playlist because they have sex-related titles? So like, think “Come Together,” “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You,” “Beat It,” “Take it Off”… yeah. 

He thinks it’s hilarious, but it’s such a mood killer. I’ll like one song, but then the genre totally switches and he starts going in time to “Jerk it Out.” A girl needs consistency! The sex is mind-blowing, but I just want to listen to some Tame Impala. What do I do?


Lo-fi Hip Hop Beats to Study and F*ck To 

Dear Lo-fi Hip Hop Beats to Study and F*ck To,

Funny in theory? Oh my god, yes. But yeah, going from Arctic Monkeys to Ke$ha will give you some whiplash. Don’t start off with an insult, just mention that you want a chance to “set the mood” and offer to make your own playlist. Include one or two of the songs he likes, but only the ones that go with the flow. Gotta do a vibe check before sex, right?


Dr. Date