University tries to serve students

Although I sympathize with Steve Snyder’s dismay in his Jan. 24 opinion column “University consistently fails to serve students” at having to wait for the One Stop Student Services Help Line – no one likes to be put on hold – it is not the case that the University doesn’t care about helping its students.

The University provides dozens of ways for students to access help and information. It has devoted substantial resources to making as much information as possible, including individual student records, available online. The registrar, the financial aid office, college advising offices, departmental offices – all of these are fully staffed with people dedicated to helping students on the phone and in person.

In particular, I would urge Steve and all other students to make full use of their college advising office. We are indeed here to help you. If we can’t help you solve the problem, we’ll direct you to the precise resource you need without the runaround. Your education is important to us.

Natan Paradise

assistant academic adviser

College of Liberal Arts

society and culture