Girls, display your real Pinterests

Women should share their unique interests, not vapid gender cliches.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Pinterest is a fairly new social media site that allows viewers to “pin” things onto different customizable boards. The pinned items could be links, photos, blogs or pretty much anything else you can find online.

It’s fun to look at pretty clothes, yummy food and beautiful homes, but after a few months of using the site, it’s starting to get on my nerves. My main problem with Pinterest is that it turns otherwise mature, goal-oriented women into little girls. First, there are the wedding boards. Women are posting dozens of dresses, flower arrangements, rings and locations. I love weddings as much as the next girl, but I prefer to keep my “future wedding” stash hidden under my bed.

There’s the fitness board, too. There are a disturbing number of girls (and even guys) who pin photos of anorexic models and label them “thinspiration.” What’s worse, instead of offering words of encouragement to these people, others just attack them for posting the photos through comments. The photos don’t belong on a fitness board, but anger isn’t the way to get them taken off.

Then there are the craft boards. And the food boards. And the baby boards. Is this really all we care about? Finding the perfect guy who will give us the perfect ring so we can have the perfect wedding and move into the perfect house to have perfect children to whom we can feed perfect meals?

It makes us seem like we’re a whole generation of Martha Stewarts. Now, this isn’t to say that I’m against all that. If that’s what you’re looking forward to doing, by all means, please go for it. However, most of the girls I know have other things on their minds too. I hope that, as the site develops a little more, we’ll see more boards that reflect the real interests of women, not just the domestic ones.