Editorial: The Minnesota Daily’s endorsement for Ward 2

by Daily Editorial Board

Editorial: Our endorsement process

Ward 2 in Minneapolis is a thriving industrial and commercial ward currently headed by City Council Member Cam Gordon, who is running unopposed for his fourth term. Ward 2 straddles both sides of the Mississippi along the city’s east side, budging up against St. Paul. Gordon has lived in or around the ward for about four decades, is a University of Minnesota alumnus and has been serving as the Ward 2 city council member since 2005. He looks to further his service with another term, given his status as an unopposed candidate in the 2017 election.

The University of Minnesota and Augsburg College comprise much of the area and, thus, student needs are very prevalent in Ward 2. Gordon has done well representing the need of constituents in the ward for more than a decade, however, the issue of affordable housing continues to grow. We would like to see a continuation of development, especially in areas surrounding the University, making it easier for students looking to reside off campus to find affordable housing. It was made known in several other races that the city’s zoning policies were out of date and fixing this may give city government more authority to shape development, creating affordable options for residents. This is just one example. 

Utilizing change like this would help the student body and other residents immensely. Therefore, we would like to see this change led by Gordon going forward.