Remembering Mary McEvoy

On behalf of the department of communication disorders, we are writing to express our profound sadness at the loss of our friend and colleague in educational psychology, Dr. Mary McEvoy. McEvoy was a brilliant scholar and a tireless champion of young children’s education both in Minnesota and nationally.

She was a frequent and welcome presence at our department. Our faculty, students and staff worked with her throughout her tenure at the University. Her contributions to our department were enormous and too numerous to describe in this brief letter. We will remember her as a generous collaborator, a stellar teacher, a prolific grantsperson and a consummate interdisciplinary committee member for many of our graduate students. The department of educational psychology has been a close intercollegiate “friend” to the department of communication disorders. We extend our deepest sympathy to all those who share our profound sense of loss.

We will miss McEvoy’s intellect, contagious good humor and constant enthusiasm. However, we will continue to be inspired by her work and take some comfort in the belief that she helped to make the University a place a little more exciting to be employed.

Joe Reichle, professor and director of graduate studies; Leslie Glaze, director of clinical programs; Jennifer Windsor, professor and chair; Charles Speaks, professor and director of ILES; Arlene Carney, professor and associate dean, academic programs, College of Liberal Arts; Robert Schlauch, associate professor; Jack Avery, assistant clinical specialist; Julie Golias, Civil Service staff member; Jane Carlstrom, clinical specialist; Linda Hinderscheit, clinical specialist; Mary Kennedy, assistant professor; Kathryn Kohnert, assistant professor; Benjamin Munson, assistant professor; Karlind Moller, adjunct professor; Peggy Nelson, assistant professor; Marilee Williams, Civil Service staff member; Patricia Broen, professor emeritus; Julia Davis, professor emeritus; Jeanette Gundel, adjunct professor; David Nelson, adjunct professor; Dianne Van Tasell, adjunct professor; Diana van Deusen, educational audiologist