Culture Compass 9/24/2015 – 10/01/2015

by Isabella Romano

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The Shins
Sure, they’re in that awkward “old news” stage. They’re not classics, but they’re not current either. I get it. But put on their 2001 album, “Oh, Inverted World.” It’s the perfect soundtrack for fall. Songs like “The Past and Pending” and “New Slang” sound exactly like how that first chilly fall day feels. James Mercer’s voice just wraps you in a light jacket, and all is well. 
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Sometimes you need a book that’s simply for enjoyment but isn’t total drivel. Lily King’s Kirkus Prize-winning “Euphoria” hits that mark perfectly. The book centers on a bizarre love triangle between three anthropologists studying a tribe in New Guinea in the 1930s, but it’s far from a romance novel. The book offers deep insight into what it means to be human and addresses controversy surrounding ethnocentrism, monogamy and morality. Basically, it’s a real page-turner. 
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QuizUp is Trivia Crack on crack. You can play against friends or random insomniacs on the other side of the world in real time. There’s no waiting around for @JonSnowsFutureWife1997 to play their turn. Rather than just playing general knowledge trivia, you can play to your strengths. The app has a nearly endless number of categories. Want to test your knowledge of Kanye West? You can do that. 
Promiscuous Hostility Standup Showcase
The Promiscuous Hostility Standup Showcase is Brave New Workshop’s attempt at highlighting the funniest people in the Twin Cities. 
Local comedian Chris Maddock will headline. 
Redneck wild-boy turned urban craft beer drinker, his stories and personal insights are spit-out-your-drink funny.  
Where 824 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis
Hours 8 p.m.
Cost $5
ZZ Ward
Sassy, soulful and a voice like sugar — If Adele and Ella Fitzgerald had a baby and then that baby went through a number of heartrending breakups, that would be ZZ Ward. Luckily, First Avenue is a stop on her Love and War tour, so start thinking now about all of the past loves who have let you down. A little pent up aggression will pair nicely with the bluesy-yet-fiery performance Ward is sure to give.  
Where First Avenue, 701 First Ave., Minneapolis
Hours 7 p.m.
Cost $25
Ages 18+
Golden Valley Arts and Music Festival
This one-day festival has it all — a parade, bands playing all day, seven different food vendors, 20 local artists, a car show and beer from Summit Brewery. 
Eleven-piece band High & Mighty will headline. 
Need something to do or in the mood to hop in the car and explore? 
It’s almost certainly worth the 20-minute drive. 
Where 7800 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, Minn.
Hours 9 a.m.-9:30 p.m.
Cost Free