Cities prep for flooding

The University of Minnesota campus will not likely be affected.

by Emily Cutts

For most on the University of Minnesota campus, the rain is the only type of moisture they will have to worry about.

But throughout Minnesota many cities are preparing for widespread flooding.

Across the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Mayor Chris Coleman declared a state of emergency for the upcoming flooding. The river currently sits just below 9 feet but is steadily rising. Waters are expected to reach 14 feet âÄî its flood stage âÄî by Thursday.

Nearly 25 miles away, StillwaterâÄôs plans for a 2,100 feet long levee will be constructed as early as Wednesday. The St. Croix River is expected to reach flood stage Sunday night.

The National Weather Service doesnâÄôt know when the rivers would crest, or reach the highest point of flooding.

The University will not likely be affected by the rising waters.