Molestation allegations will not keep U med student from class

by Sarah McKenzie

Alan Michael Scott’s trial for alleged criminal sexual behavior is pegged for late October in Hennepin County District Court.
Scott, a second-year University medical student, was charged in April with three counts of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly molesting a Boy Scout under his supervision between 1995 and 1997.
At Scott’s pretrial hearing on Thursday, attorneys argued whether Scott should be allowed to participate in clinical sessions through the medical school where juveniles are present.
Tina Appleby, Scott’s attorney, told prosecuting attorney Paul Young and Hennepin County Judge William Howard that Scott would be under the constant supervision of a doctor and the children’s parents during medical exams.
The children would be fully clothed during the sessions and Scott will not have physical contact with them, Appleby said.
Young contested Appleby’s request. He is representing the state in the matter because a conflict of interest arose with the Hennepin County prosecutor initially assigned to the case.
“These are very serious allegations Scott is facing,” Young said. “I am 100 percent opposed to this motion.”
Young said he had received no documentation from the University verifying Appleby’s claims that Scott would be supervised during the clinical sessions.
Judge Howard ruled that the court does not have the right to interrupt Scott’s education before the jury hands down a verdict at the conclusion of the trial.
“Because of the presumption of innocence, there is no need to interfere with his academic program,” Howard said.
Scott plans to enter a not-guilty plea to all counts of criminal sexual conduct, Appleby said.
If convicted, Scott faces up to 70 years in prison and a $105,000 fine.