Regarding ‘Protesting the political faux and political foes’

To the Editor,

In your editorial “Protesting the political faux and the political foes” you wrote about the “boycott” of President Trump’s inauguration. The actions of the Democratic Congressmen to “boycott” our forty-fifth President’s inauguration is a disgrace. Our country has a proud tradition of a peaceful transfer of power, and this “boycott” is a stain on that tradition. Choosing to not appear at the inauguration sends a message that they do not agree with the legitimacy of our President. Disagreeing with the legitimacy of President Trump is vastly different than disagreeing with him.

It is very clear that President Trump won the election by a wide margin (seventy-seven electoral votes more than Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton). It should also be noted that the popular vote count does not matter. Our country uses an Electoral College. Whether you agree that the Electoral College should be the process in which presidents are elected or not, it still elects the legitimate President of the United States. This election was certified by Congress in a joint session. The congressmen had their chance to challenge the legitimacy in that joint session amongst other processes.

“Boycotting” this inauguration was not the place for challenging the legitimacy of President Trump when all the official processes have made his election legitimate. The Congressmen should have been there to support this peaceful transfer of power. Lastly, you write that Democratic leaders criticized the GOP for becoming a party of obstruction. I’ve heard this criticism of the GOP used by some as an excuse for the Democrats’ actions. It should be said past actions of any United States political figure, no matter what political affiliation they may be, are no excuse.

I am sure that many of us as children have heard our mothers say, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Anyone who still needs to be taught this lesson is at the same mental capacity as the children who hear this from their mothers.

Patrick Vetter

UMN Student

Editor’s Note: This letter has been edited for style and grammar.