Enter the campaign song

by Devin Henry

A glance at Ward 9 City Council candidate Dave Bicking‘s Web site tells you that he is "principled. Practical. Passionate." But take a second to listen to his campaign song and you’ll find out he also plans on "kick ass at City Hall" if he is elected next week.

Bicking is endorsed by the Green Party of Minnesota and is running against two-term Councilman Gary Schiff in the South Minneapolis ward. In 2005, Schiff beat Bicking by a nearly two-to-one margin, but Bicking drew far more support than Schiff’s 2001 opponent, who recived a scant 17 percent of the vote.

So could Bicking’s campaign song be enough to put him over the top this year? Listen to it here and decide.

Bicking is certainly not be the first to use a catchy campaign song to get his name out there.

In 1952, America liked Ike:

Eight years later, voters struggled to get this out of their heads:

And, of course, Will.i.am’s mashup of a Barack Obama speech last year left many inspired.

So with his campaign song, Dave Bicking is doing on a much smaller scale what has eventually helped get presidents into the Oval Office. 

We’ll find out next week if it works as well for him as it did for them.