Coast Guard: 4 dead, 1 missing, 42 rescued from boat off Alaska coast

>ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – Four crew members died Sunday and another was missing after a Seattle-based fishing boat began sinking in high seas off Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, the Coast Guard said.

The dead were among 47 crew members who abandoned ship after the 184-foot Alaska Ranger developed problems. Forty-two crew members were recovered safely, but a search was continuing for the missing person, said Chief Petty Officer Barry Lane.

The vessel started taking on water shortly before 3 a.m. after losing control of its rudder 120 miles west of Dutch Harbor, which is on Unalaska Island.

All those on board were heading to Dutch Harbor in a Coast Guard cutter and the Alaska Ranger’s sister ship, the Alaska Warrior. The vessel took part in the rescue operation along with two Coast Guard helicopters that were used to pluck crew members from life rafts, Lane said.

A C-130 also remained to help search for the missing crew member.

Coast Guard Lt. Eric Eggan said it was unknown how or when the four died. The identities of the dead were unknown.

Chuck Harvey, a harbor officer on duty in Dutch Harbor, said his office was notified by the Coast Guard to clear a dock for its arrival, expected around 11 p.m. EDT Sunday.

The Coast Guard also told harbor officials to have an ambulance ready, but didn’t specify the degree or nature of any injuries, Harvey said.

“I figure there’s quite a bit of hypothermia going on,” he said.