Network: MathPhallanx; Pendgaft

>From MethPhallanx

Hey net, I would like to comment on how full this campus is of people who are full of crap. I listen to professors, fellow students, and worst of all, graduate students talk about things with such certainty and self importance. Net: OK, your first mistake is listening. Who said you had to listen? Are you trying to screw up the curve for everyone else? Issues are discussed as though they are settled. Net: Voices are used as if they are passive. And why do so many think so much of life is settled and understood? The answer is obvious if you think about it for about two seconds. Professors can only have jobs if they claim to have knowledge that is “true” and “verified”. If they all had to get up in front of us students and be authentic and upfront about the real status of the supposed facts they teach us, we would all slowly trickle out of class to go and drink beer or whatever else the rest of us do to momentarily enjoy the day. Net: You sound like a man who needs to take more humanities courses. That of course leads on to another important issue, the reason so many of us students, who by and large and not as dumb as it would seem, play along with this game. We do so because it is the only way to get a job that doesn’t suck, though this is really an illusion for the most part since most any job will suck. Net: Congratulations, you’ve learned the most important lesson in life. Please proceed to Morrill Hall for a special “Too Cool For School” diploma. So the campus is full of people pretending to know things and teach us those “facts” and those who listen and pretend to care because we will be compensated in money and social status later on in life. Not that i neccesarrily advise leaving the university since the alternative is having a boss who thinks they know everything as well, but I wish we here at the U would be much more self aware and upfront about the sham we all engage in that we call education. later net.

From Pendgaft

For the love of god, this childsih bickering is going to drive me crazy. Who is better? IT or CLA? I know let’s solve it by each showing how immature each group is! Net: That’s what Network’s for! For the CLA people, stop trying to rip on IT people because their socal life isn’t the same as yours. I have some news for you: you don’t have to validate your existance through other people’s lives by trying to be as social as you can. Every human being is and can be an island unto themselves. Net: Thank you, Ayn Rand. Not all of the world lives by the same views you have, namely: that life is only good if you are out partying and have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Not to get down on just the CLA people. To my fellow IT people: stop this stupid rant of “IT students are smarter then CLA students”. Take a look around your IT classrooms, there are more then enough dumb kids there, go on, take a look, I’ll wait…. Plus, I hate to break it to you, but there are a lot of smart CLA students too; these are the people who become our judges, great writers, and politicians. Ok, maybe that last one wasn’t the greatest example in the world, but you get the point. I have news for us: we don’t need to validate ourselves by being more intelligent then other people, if you are smart, you should realize it, that should make you happy enough. Net: When has that ever been true in human history? To both groups, come on, this rivalry is bloody stupid, let’s just ignore our diffrences; or, that failing, at least let’s find a group we can both pick on together. Net: Like administrators!