Daily Digest: Tribune Co. bankrupt and Hennepin homelessness goes up

by Mike Rose

Howdy, gang. Here’s a late-look at some Monday news:

*I blogged yesterday about the struggling Tribune Co., and sure enough, it goes bankrupt today. Here is the New York Times’ report. As an aspiring journalist myself, today’s news is quite scary. The future of journalism is very murky right now, especially when highly prominent and reputable companies like the Tribune Co. are going under. Since you’re reading this blog right now, I imagine you’re a person who cares about news, so I’d suggest you stay tuned…

*Sorry to keep this negative vibe going, but the Star Tribune is reporting that homelessness is up 25 percent in Hennepin County this year. Project Homeless Connect, a semi-annual event at the Minneapolis Convention Center that brings together a huge range of services for the homeless, was held Monday. The event brought in about 2,000 people this year. Obviously, the struggling economy is not making life easier for any of these folks. For  coverage of last month’s homelessness awareness week by the Daily, click here.

*Oh, by the way, there’s a lot of snow on the way. Not to keep harping on bad news, but here’s a snippet from the Pioneer Press…get your boots, shovels and gloves ready, folks.

Hopefully, there’s some positive news to Digest about tomorrow. And remember, don’t shoot the messenger…I’m just blogging, people. Mike Rose Managing editor