SLC is effective

This letter is in regards to the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly and the Minnesota Student Association’s criticisms of the Student Legislative Coalition. It seems that the current controversy surrounds SLC’s lack of action this past fall regarding the elections. Granted, SLC did not hold any voter education events as they should have, but what most people do not know is that SLC had planned holding such events until the sudden and unexpected departure of its executive director who left his work in shambles and left the board scrambling.

Again, these groups are making the same mistaken claim as the student services fees subcommittee did last year when it said the groups could lobby more effectively on their own.

They still fail to realize the amount of time and knowledge it requires to put forth an effective voice at the Capitol. Last year SLC even had its most successful year at the Capitol. When required course materials go sales-tax exempt starting next year, you can thank SLC. Doesn’t it seem strange that financial aid went up last year in the midst of a multi-billion dollar deficit?

But now I want to see MSA and GAPSA putting their money where their mouth is. Let’s see how effective they can be without SLC this year, since they have effectively killed the organization.

Brandon Rowland, law student, former SLC legislative liaison