Intruders burglarize student’s home in Dinkytown

Also, a man was cited for trespassing, marking his fifth run-in with University of Minnesota police.

by Ethan Nelson

University of Minnesota theater arts senior George Rodriguez was working on his computer at about 5 a.m. in his Dinkytown home when he said he heard two people make sounds above him.

“I heard whispering upstairs and I just assumed it was my roommates,” Rodriguez said.

He said he listened to the whispering for nearly 10 minutes until he heard multiple people leave through the back door of the house, which is located near 11th Avenue Southeast and 7th Street Southeast.

“Being the paranoid person I am, I decided to take a look around and saw everything was fine,” he said.

After he finished some work, Rodriguez said he went to bed at about 3 p.m. But when he woke up and checked the living room, he said, he noticed his PlayStation 3 was missing. Other possessions, including games for the console, were still there.

There were no signs of forced entry, according to the Minneapolis police report.

“Apparently, two people walked into our main room and just casually took our stuff while we were at home,” Rodriguez said. “Besides my sense of security, they didn’t take anything else.”

Run-in with a ‘troublemaker’

University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said officers had their fifth run-in with a man described as a “troublemaker” Friday evening.

An 18-year-old man was acting suspiciously, Miner said, and responding officers saw the man near the Carlson School of Management and moved to make contact with him.

Miner said the man threw a bag of marijuana at the officers and attempted to escape, but the officers eventually caught the man at a loading dock near Heller Hall. He was cited for trespassing, Miner said.

The same man had received a citation for indecent exposure in Wilson Library in September, he said.

Drunken man arrested for obstruction

As University police officers were responding to a call Sunday morning that a man had passed out in the grass on the side of 11th Avenue Southeast, a responding officer noticed an unrelated man walking from behind a retaining wall on nearby Fourth Street Southeast, according to a Minneapolis police report.

The man had unfastened his belt and his pants were unbuttoned, the report said, and as the officer exited the police car, the man began swearing at him. The man had a blood alcohol content of .273, Miner said.

The officer attempted to get the man into his squad car, but the man resisted, twisting his body and pulling away from the officer multiple times, according to the report.

University police eventually arrested the 24-year-old man for obstruction of legal process and booked him at Hennepin County Jail, according to the report.