U math professor dies at age 87

by Eric Cherland

Daniel Pedoe, Professor Emeritus in the School of Mathematics at the University, died of pneumonia Tuesday in St. Paul. Born in London in 1910, he would have turned 88 years old last Thursday.
Pedoe received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 1937. Before coming to the University in 1964, he held positions at the University of Southhampton, the University of Birmingham, the University of London, Khartoum University in Sudan, the University of Singapore and Purdue University. He retired from the University of Minnesota in 1981, where he held his status as Professor Emeritus until he died.
Pedoe is survived by his two sons, Dan and Hugh, both of whom hold doctorate degrees and live overseas. He is also survived by six grandchildren. His wife died several years ago.
As a professor at the University, Pedoe taught advanced level geometry. He authored several books on the subject as well as more than 50 research and expository papers.
In the 1950s, the Cambridge University Press published “Methods of Algebraic Geometry,” a three-volume book co-authored by Pedoe. The book, which was recently republished, earned him the reputation as a respected mathematician.
Pedoe authored seven other books on geometry. Most recently published was “Japanese Temple Geometry Problems,” co-authored by H. Fukagawa.
Pedoe also held a Senior Fulbright Fellowship for Australian travel and received an MAA Lester Ford Award. He also took sabbaticals in China and Australia.
Pedoe was described by University mathematics professor Alfred Aeppli as “interesting and influential — well-known for his character.” He enjoyed oil painting as a hobby and participated in several art exhibitions.