Response to Provost Sullivan on sustainability science

IâÄôm writing in response to the April 18 letter, âÄúProvost Sullivan responds to âÄòDriven to deception.âÄôâÄù
 In Provost Tom SullivanâÄôs response letter, he pointed out the increase of $192 million in research expenditures.
While this expenditure could be considered a measure of âÄúimproved quality âĦ and more opportunity for discovery and employmentâÄù it is not a measure to become one of the three top research âÄî emphasis on research âÄî universities in the world.
This statement is filled with murky logic with the doze of public relations fluff and misses a core vision for the University to create knowledge, education and service for transformation toward a sustainable society.  
Out of control capitalism is a root cause of the enormous environmental threat facing humanity, and we are sliding toward the environmental, economic and security abyss if we do not act.
The recent economic crisis, gulf oil spill, climate change crisis, energy crisis, resource depletion crisis, health care crisis, land use crisis, huge budget deficit and other crises all have one common root.
Cap the uncontrollable destruction, degradation and depletion of natural and social capitals. We are simply consuming natural and social capitals. To forge and maintain a sustainable society will require a completely different science, the sustainability science.  
The mounting pressure of restoring the planet wonâÄôt go away.
While politics of sustainability seem increasingly paralyzed, the University can point the way to a sustainable future by  embracing sustainability science.
It is only by filling the void that exists among research universities that this University may become one of the top research universities in the world.