Stop romanticizing the Jazz Man

by Tamara Thompson - University student

Rob Thompson, the beloved bus driver known as the âÄúJazz ManâÄù around campus, has recently been transferred to another area. I can appreciate students finding the Jazz Man entertaining on the Campus Connector. But while the ride may be amusing, no mention has been made about the safety violations that occur while riding his bus.

The volume of the music is too loud, which leads to concerns about whether he can hear honking or emergency sirens with the blaring music. This is a major safety concern because it affects all riders. Also, he canâÄôt hear what is going on behind him on the bus itself, which brings up other worries.

IâÄôve personally experienced Thompson pulling away from a bus stop too early while riders were trying to exit the back door. He couldnâÄôt hear the riders hollering at him to wait.

With a clear sign on the bus that it doesnâÄôt allow boom boxes, why is Thompson allowed to have one? ThereâÄôs a reason the sign is posted on every public bus: Loud music on a bus is distracting to passengers and the driver.

If you sit toward the front of his bus, you canâÄôt read and you certainly canâÄôt carry on a conversation.

LetâÄôs stop romanticizing the Jazz Man and focus on safety instead.