MyU needs reorganization

The interface needs to prioritize students’ needs in order to garner their attention.

Most courses at the University involve some sort of technological component, and many instructors have long since turned to the Internet for class organization. Course Web sites are a helpful tool for housing lecture notes, syllabi and other resources, but the system in place at the University is far from user-friendly. This is mainly due to the discontinuity between the course Web site formats. Students are sent to Moodle for some courses, to department Web sites for links to others and to WebVista for others. Adding to the problem is that there is no single Web site that has links to all of each individual student’s class Web sites.

MyU is an attempt at consolidating student online resources by catering to each individual student’s enrollment. While many students go to the interface to find links to some of their class Web sites, MyU only lists those links that are on WebVista or Moodle. MyU should have links to all course Web sites, including those that link off of department sites.

Besides listing course Web sites, MyU should also prioritize the tools that students find most useful. The main components should be an individual student’s course Web sites, e-mail, University account, advisor information, college or department, and Goldpass. These are the resources that students need most, even daily. Also, links that are already on MyU which intend to give college-life oriented resources are far too generalized to provide useful information. For example, instead of having a link called “My Involvement & Leadership,” which only provides general information about opportunities, there should be a schedule of student group meetings or events on campus that a student can actually participate in.

There are a lot of useful resources for University students on the Internet. With a bit of streamlining and prioritizing, MyU could be where students turn to for all of their online needs.