Beer for everyone

Picture this sublime scene: the warm September sun shining down on a packed, bustling TCF Stadium. Fans shift in their seats, anxious for the beginning of a new Gopher football season. As the teams take the field, a thought occurs: âÄúA pint of some Summit Pale Ale would make this afternoon absolutely perfect.âÄù But as the crowd roars at the opening kickoff, that wish is joined by a regretful afterthought: âÄúToo bad I didnâÄôt want to shell out for a luxury seat.âÄù Depending on the decision reached by the regents at their Dec. 12 meeting, this experience could be unfortunately common. At their meeting last Friday, the regents discussed a recommendation by University President Bob Bruininks to apply for a liquor license to permit the sale of alcohol at TCF Bank Stadium. But the unfortunate catch with this proposal is that the sales would be restricted to the luxury seating area. University Vice President Kathryn Brown defended this position on the basis that it was similar to the policies in place at several Big Ten schools. In principle, this argument appeals to the desire to have an alcohol sales system that works. But the regents have overlooked the fact that we already have a system that works: the system in place at the Metrodome. Currently, alcohol is available at Gopher football games to anyone who can provide a valid ID, and according to Metrodome officials, this arrangement works just fine. But a question deserves to be asked: Why sell beer at all? ItâÄôs simple: Beer adds another layer of enjoyment to the experience. People come to Gopher games for the experience, and it should be a great one. But is it fair that it should only be great for a couple of lucky fans?