Halloween incident leads to charges against U student

by Brian Close

A University student faced a preliminary conference Wednesday for fifth-degree domestic assault charges stemming from an incident on Halloween night.
William Harvey, 27, entered a not guilty plea after charges were filed following his arrest Nov. 1 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Harvey, who has no prior criminal record in Hennepin County, could not be reached for comment.
His attorney, Kevin O’Brien, said no plea agreement was reached in Wednesday’s meeting.
“I think the facts that will be brought out at trial will show he is not guilty of this crime,” he said.
The victim, University graduate Amy Hamilton, said she has known Harvey for four years, and began dating him 11 months ago. She said the incident occurred after she returned to Harvey’s apartment following a Halloween party where the two had been drinking.
She said Harvey was intoxicated and would not let her sleep, incessantly shaking her awake. The couple then began pushing each other, she said.
At this point, she said, Harvey punched her in the head, giving her a concussion. She also said he punched her solar plexus region, underneath her sternum.
Hamilton said when she went to call a taxi, Harvey “ripped” the yellow pages out of her hand. At some point, she said, he disconnected the phone and threw it against the wall.
“He grabbed me around the neck, threw me to the ground, trapped my arms against my chest and I started yelling for him to get up,” she said.
Then, she said, he smothered her face with a piece of clothing, and she began screaming for help. At this point, one of the neighbors started pounding on the door.
Hamilton said Harvey then went into another room, and she left the apartment to call the police. She said she fears future encounters with Harvey, and that she has obtained a protection order.
“I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I didn’t say this is wrong and I am pressing charges,” she said. “But, I feel at risk all the time, and I continually look over my shoulder when I’m walking down the street.”
Harvey is scheduled to stand trial Jan. 8.