Minneapolis police department needs to reorganize priorities

by Jack Barrett, University student

I am a student at the University of Minnesota. In light of recent restrictions upon FloCo Fusion apartments (a private residence), where the tailgating festivities were essentially shut down, I just have a few comments. 
As a law-abiding citizen, I understand the concern of local law enforcement departments in regard to public safety in FloCo’s popular courtyard.
However, seeing that no one showed up at the apartment complex for tailgating  but instead arrived at the house across the street, I beg to question — who really benefits
from the tailgating shutdown? The police simply had to shift their focus from a concentrated courtyard to a house located nearby. 
In my opinion, the police should focus on the threat that comes from lacking security on the streets and from intoxicated individuals dangerously breaking the fire code. What instead resulted from the tailgating shutdown was potential damage to FloCo’s business and the creation of an overly populated home across the street. 
I believe FloCo takes pride in its festivities in the courtyard and that, for the most part, residents’ right to gather there is protected by the first amendment’s right to peaceably assemble. However, recently the Detailed Management Company — a local Minneapolis business — was forced to capitulate to demands made by the Minneapolis Police Department.
I think MPD’s resources should be reallocated in favor of stopping sexual assaults in Dinkytown and preventing actual crime within the city. 
The police in charge of solving tailgating have not fixed the problem. They have simply spread it throughout Dinkytown. 
All in all, in my opinion, the MPD’s actions have hurt a business and endangered public interests. I believe the department should be ashamed.