Five people cited for skating on mall

by Matthew Gruchow

Five people were cited for skating Monday at Northrop Mall, which skaters have damaged in the past, officials said.

Two males were also cited for giving false names to police in the incident, according to the police report.

The area is popular with skaters, and the University has spent more than $60,000 to repair damage done by skaters in the past, the report states.

“It’s been a chronic problem for many years – there’s been a fair amount of damage done,” said Lt. Chuck Miner of the University Police Department.

Benches and the granite wall at Northrop have been damaged, he said.

Facilities Management has taken steps to stop skaters through actions such as installation of metal devices in areas where skaters congregate, Miner said.

Such devices make it difficult for skaters to slide on benches and other property, he said.

The problem with skaters on campus is recognized University-wide, Miner said.

“It’s not really specific to Northrop Mall,” he said. “We just try to look for it in many areas.”

Ticketed skaters can face more serious charges, such as criminal damage to property, Miner said.

“There have been cases where we have cited skaters for damaging the property if we can prove that they were directly responsible,” he said.

Skaters can also have their skateboards impounded, he said.

“It’s just a 24-hour impoundment period, but for some of these guys, it’s the end of the world if they lose their skateboard for a day or two,” he said.

Police have issued approximately 60 tickets to skaters in 2004, he said.

Man with gun

University police responded Saturday to a call reporting a man with a gun in the area of 19th Avenue and Second Street.

Police were called to the area after a report of a man dragging a woman on the street, Miner said. Police never found the possible victim, he said.

A man matching the description of the suspect was stopped and later released, according to the police report.

Drugs in the residence halls

Police were called to Centennial Hall on Friday after someone reported the scent of marijuana coming from a room.

Two female University students consented to a search of their room and police found a bottle of rum, two bottles of beer, a small plastic bag of marijuana and a glass pipe, according to the report.

One female was cited for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, the report states.

Public urination

Police caught a 19-year-old University student urinating on a stop sign Saturday at the corner of 15th Avenue Southeast and Fourth Street Southeast.

The man fled from police, and once caught, was cited for minor consumption of alcohol and urinating in public, according to the report.

The man was driven back to his home at Territorial Hall, the report states.