hris Schafer

My name is Chris Schafer, just like the little photo says. I’m originally from Brooklyn Center, Minn. At 21 years old, I should be graduating pretty soon, but changing majors, trouble in accounting classes and a passion for taking only 12 credits a semester has ensured that I will be around here for a little while longer. My views lean towards the conservative, which is odd for an English major and an employee of this paper. When I am not at school, I cook in a restaurant in Brooklyn Center. Self-admitted blunders (accidents) there have given me a unique understanding of the concepts of heat and electricity talked about in my physics class. Away from work I enjoy sports such as football, golf, trapshooting and especially hockey. I like the Gophers and am very excited about this fledgling season of the Minnesota Wild, even though a poor college student such as myself can only afford tickets to four games, and those only in the nosebleed section. This will be my second full year here at the University after transferring from Concordia, St. Paul. Like most private schools, it’s a great little school with a great big bill. As far as the University goes, I like the squirrels, though they harbor on overpopulation; the mall preachers, thankfully they don’t; and playing the guessing game of which building will disappear next under the cover of “campus renovations.” To the freshpeople, welcome to the University. To the rest of the student body, my best to you as we all return to partake in the nine-month rat race once again.
My column runs every other Wednesday.