University chooses chief

The University’s plans to take a leading role at the University Center Rochester has opened up a new leadership position.
Mary Heltsley is the new interim chief academic officer for the University of Minnesota-Rochester, a new title that comes along with being the new associate vice provost of University outreach.
Heltsley will work with University colleges to expand faculty teaching and research activities as the University becomes the main guiding force of upper-division and post-baccalaureate programs at the Rochester Center.
“The Rochester area is a very active supporter of the University,” said Heltsley.
Three different institutions offer courses at the Rochester Center; the University, Rochester Community and Technical College and Winona State University. The University will become the primary institution at the Rochester Center, but other area schools might also offer courses.
In May, an omnibus higher education bill passed by the Senate granted the University $2.5 million to use for developing a nonresidential campus in Rochester, on the condition that by Jan. 30, 2000, the University submits a master academic plan for the Rochester region.
The University has offered extension classes at the Rochester Center for more than 20 years, recently adding courses through its distance learning program as well.

— Andy Skemp