Response to ‘University student sexually assaulted in Sanford’

A University of Minnesota student was sexually assaulted in Sanford Hall early Sunday morning, as the campus-wide crime report informed us. This crime report was sent two days after the crime occurred. The University has been under scrutiny for their changes and handling of crime reports ever since they were altered after claims of racial profiling in the reports.
This incident shows how appropriate those criticisms have been. For the first time since I have been a student here, another student was assaulted in their own dorm room. How could the University possibly allow this to happen? Not only were we not made aware of this until much too late, but the report says there is no available description of the suspects.
How could security in the University’s own housing be so lacking that these culprits could commit such a terrible crime without even being caught on camera? The University needs to take a step back and look at how it is handling crime reports and security on campus because this cannot continue.