Buying the stairway to heaven

The Art Prom offers a chance to relive high school excesses

Erin Adler

Everyone, it seems, has a prom horror story they would like to forget, from the guy who had to take his sister to the girl who showed up wearing the same dress as three other girls.

Master of Fine Arts ceramics students Jonathan Bridges, Nicolas Darcourt and Chris Pancoe don’t want to forget their high school prom experiences.

They want to do it over, their way.

“Art Prom is a chance for those who didn’t have the greatest prom experience in high school to relive it,” Bridges said. “This time, there are no chaperones and all the booze you can drink. We want it to be a great, big make-out party, pretty much.”

Because the theme is “creatively formal,” attendees can skip the dress and tuxedo in favor of something less traditional. Dates are optional.

“It’s your choice – wear whatever you want or think is appropriate,” Bridges said. “You can dress tacky or really formal and posh. Men can dress like women and vice versa. You don’t even have to wear pants.”

Art Prom will feature photography graduate student Eric Carroll’s indie-rock band Tim Rally Gold, as well as a DJ from Radio K. There will also be a projection screen with the work of film and video department students playing.