Techmart gives U students discount on DSL connections

University students interested in investing in high-speed cable Digital Subscriber Line connections can now do so at a discounted price.
The University’s e-commerce Web site, Techmart, started offering discounts on DSL access Nov. 1 after working out a deal with local Internet service providers.
“We wanted to provide a price break for students and faculty,” said Justin Halverson, senior office specialist for Academic and Distributed Computing Services.
“Using a 56K modem is pretty slow for Web browsing,” he added.
Students can choose among ISP providers including Qwest, Goldengate and ATT Roadrunner. Connections are available for purchase from the University e-commerce site at the price of $14.95 a month — a savings of $5 from the usual price of $19.95.
A $29.95 non-discounted federally regulated user fee is also added to the price of DSL or high-speed cable service.
“We’re hoping to cut down the cost for students living off campus,” Halverson said. “A faster connection will help with registering online and working from home.”
Students interested in purchasing the connection can do so at
— Melinda Rogers