Editor’s Note: Daily makes Friday shift to online

To increase our service to students via the Web, the Daily will increase its weekend coverage on the Web and move the Friday print edition online.

Vadim Lavrusik, Editor in Chief of the Daily.

The Daily will shift from a five-day campus news source to a seven-day news provider, bringing more coverage through an Online Weekend Edition that will highlight sports events, A&E happenings and the latest news on campus. The Daily is looking to become more daily, despite the perilous economic times. The Friday move to online will also help our organization be more sustainable into the future by helping reduce printing costs and being more accessible to students studying abroad and commuting to and from campus. TodayâÄôs will be our last Friday print edition for the semester. This is something that we will revisit in the future, but right now we are looking to take advantage of this opportunity and look to the future of the news industry âÄî the Web.

Online Weekend Edition

The online weekend edition will not only include more content on the weekends, it will also have a fresh distinguished look, emphasizing sports. The edition is set to go in place starting next weekend with live sports updates, stories and scores on our home page. Sports reporters will be updating live from the games. And if you are interested to get a score update, you no longer have to try to track it down on ESPN or another source. University students will be able to find it easily on mndaily.com. The weekend edition will also include the new arts and entertainment weekend guide âÄî the Weekend Culture Compass. The guide will provide students with entertainment happenings on and near campus from our A&E writers so that you know what show, exhibit, etc. is worth checking out that weekend. As always, the Daily is here to serve you, and we are always open to suggestions and new ideas as we move to expand our online content and features. Look for more and exciting things to come. âÄîVadim Lavrusik is the Editor in Chief of the Daily and welcomes comments at [email protected]