Spring into men’s fashion

The Fashionista and Fashionisto discuss menswear trends for spring.

    The flowers are budding and so should your style. Spring is just around the corner, and the new season is a reason to boost your fashionability.

    “Sun’s out, guns out” is not an excuse for bro tanks and chubbies. You’re better than that. The following wardrobe staples toe the line between trendy and classic, and while they’re fashionable now, they’ll still look good five to 10 years down the road.

A&E’s Fashionista and Fashionisto collaborated to bring you the top five trends in menswear this spring.


Popover shirts

Fashionisto: Popover shirts sit at the crossroad of European elan and Southern dandyism — their casual sophistication makes them a perfect choice for warming weather. In contrast to their full-placket counterparts, the half-placket popover fits loose without being baggy, giving the wearer an effortless artistry. Pair the clothing item with rolled or tailored chinos and tuck it in loosely. While popovers work well with jeans, dressing the shirt up looks like you walked straight off the Riviera.

Fashionista: The popover shirt is a three-button top that comes in long and short sleeve varieties. It ties together the comfort of a polo shirt with the formal nature of a button-down. It’s the best of both worlds. With crossover versatility, it can be worn for class or more swanky affairs. A chambray tone is perfect for spring. Leave it untucked for a laid-back look.


Grey crewneck sweatshirt

Fashionisto: Is there a cooler wardrobe staple than the grey crewneck sweatshirt? Not if Steve McQueen had anything to say about it. McQueen made the strongest case for this rugged menswear classic (much maligned throughout the years due to baggy fit), and his form-fitting, worn-in sweatshirts have reached an iconic level; check any menswear site, and it’ll have a photo of McQueen rocking the gray getup. Grey sweatshirts can also be budget friendly; some retailers, like Uniqlo, offer them in a modern fit for less than $30.

Fashionista: While they’re especially in for spring, I don’t foresee grey crewneck sweatshirts ever going out of style — rounded necklines are here to stay. Pick a style in cotton, or a thin knit. Gray and blue are universally flattering colors that transition well into other seasons. The clothing item offers a blank canvas for accessorizing, perhaps with a watch or deep green chino pant. Push up those sleeves, and you are good to go.


Suede oxfords

Fashionisto: Few shoes are as dapper and dignified as suede oxfords. While they’re luxurious, they’re cheeky since they eschew leather for more durable material that wears in well and accrues phenomenal patina after long-term use. Use them to dress up a look, and complement them with solid, subdued colors to let your shoes do the talking.

Fashionista: Up your footwear game this season with oxfords. On the dressy scale, they are a notch above a sneaker or boat shoe and much more fashionable. Originally an Irish and Scottish trademark, the market has grown from solely leather to a wide variety. Pick a pair in taupe or gray. They wear seamlessly with jeans, tapered dress pants or shorts.


White sneakers

Fashionisto: While I’m a boot guy most of the time, white sneakers possess a stark, sexy minimalism. You can’t go wrong with Adidas Stan Smiths — some of the most fashionable people at Paris and New York Fashion Week were spotted sporting them. Splashes of green make the sneaker stand out in a sea of competitors. Though Adidas is doing collaborations with big-name designers on Stan Smiths, cop the original for $75 per pair for fresh street cred. If canvas sneakers are more your thing, cop a pair of Tretorn Nylites. Considering Chuck Taylors or Vans are very popular, the svelte profile of these Swedish tennis sneakers  up your uniqueness.

Fashionista: Step aside, Nike. Adidas is having a moment. Brought to the forefront with style-leader Kanye West, Adidas is back. Either in classic white or an edgier black, they can be worn with any look. They are sporty enough to pair with athletic joggers yet still go well with dark wash jeans.


Collared bomber jacket

Fashionisto: Plain bomber jackets radiate an air of athletic cool. Collared bomber jackets subvert the jock underpinnings and give off a rock ‘n’ roll, devil-may-care vibe.  Their lightweight fabric makes them a perfect transition piece that’s suitable for the breezy beginning of spring and the warm fade into summer. Collared bombers work best dressed down — nonchalantly thrown on over a fitted t-shirt, slim jeans and a pair of boots.

Fashionista: Take a cue from “Top Gun”: Bomber jackets are back in style. A fresh take on the time-honored classic is a lightweight style in navy or green. Opt against leather and fur; those textures are suitable for fall and winter and a little too heavy for spring. Pick a lightweight fabric; it’s easy to toss on over a denim button-down and dark wash jeans. With a hint of military and a touch of cool, a collared bomber jacket is a trendy piece to try