Women’s Day resolution

Sunday was International Women’s Day. This women’s day, I wish to highlight the underlying inequality that most women face in the so-called “equal” world we live in.

Even today, women’s equality and women’s rights are a distant dream. Women live a life of constant fear and constant challenges.

The question that begets an answer is: Why? Why do people not act on crimes against women, why do women have to constantly fight for a voice, forget a proper representation? Hailing from a middle-class family, I am among the few privileged ones to lead a secure life.

Yet I, too, live in fear. So deeply entrenched is the fear that I don’t even realize its magnitude. I think about where I am going, with whom I am going [and] can I wear this? I will wait until a more populated bus comes along.

These are just a few of things I dealt with today. Imagine the plight of all women who worry for the safety and security every step of every day.

We need unity. As in any revolution, we need to stand up and demand our rights, together. This women’s day, I would like to reach out to all the women to tell them to be brave and fight this stigma together.

We will not be afraid [and] we will not step back. We are one as women, and as a society of educated people, it is our mission that each one of us, in whatever way we can, spread education.

The fact that college students now protest injustice suggests that education is changing our upcoming generation, but we have to ensure that as many people as possible should share their view.