The importance of student government

In the midst of the Minnesota Student Association’s success in introducing a bill at the state level for medical amnesty, the University of Minnesota’s student government has taken the stage as a force to be reckoned with. It demonstrates the impact student government can have on serious issues, such as affordability of

Student government has the potential to change the public image of the University, as well as the influence students have in regard to decisions being made at a state level. With the potential to be a group incapable of being ignored, affordability could be a reality. However, the potential is untapped, and frankly, most people seem to be unaware as to what MSA does or even what it is.

With elections for student body president coming in just under two months, I challenge the student body to take the time to assess the candidates, meet with them and ask them for their platform and what they stand for. Ask about the issues and how they are going to be proactive. Ask why they deserve your vote. Ask how they plan on uniting the campus and advocating for each student.

We know student government can have an impact at the university and state level; now we just need a leader capable of making that impact.