Batch of tainted meth feared in Ramsey County

Kelsey Shirriff

A batch of possibly tainted methamphetamine has sent nearly 13 people to St. Paul's Regions Hospital since Thursday night, experiencing high fever, hallucinations, extreme agitation and other symptoms, the Star Tribune reported. 

"This is over a tenfold increase in the average daily number of drug overdose emergencies treated by Regions," said sheriff's spokesman Randy Gustafson.

One man jumped out a second-story window believing he could fly, authorities said. The patients have all been from the east metro area, range in age and gender, and are expected to recover.

Test results on the supposedly tainted meth are pending, but authorities issued warnings to other hospitals in the area. 

"Meth is dangerous, and then they cut it with other stuff," Gustafson said. "They're trying to determine what they're cutting it with."