Dinkytown post office to remain open

The office will remain open until at least May 15.

by Claire Bramel


The Dinkytown post office might remain open, despite previous talks of closure.

The branch was scheduled to “suspend operations” on March 23 because its lease was expiring. But after negotiations with the building’s landlord, the lease was renewed.

Now, the office will remain open until at least May 15, said Pete Nowacki, a U.S. Postal Service spokesman.

“We’re back up and running,” he said.

But Nowacki also said the branch is still on the Postal Service’s list of nearly 3,700 branches across the nation under review for closure. Eighty-eight offices throughout Minnesota, including six in the Twin Cities, are among those at risk.

“All of that information is in postal headquarters out in Washington waiting for a final determination and we expect to hear something probably by May,” Nowacki said.

There is currently a moratorium on all permanent post office closures lasting until May 15.

“After that, we don’t have a decision yet,” Nowacki said.