Spring break is the new Mighty Mouse

After a seemingly unending winter of discon-tent, spring break is here to save the day.

Spring break week is almost upon us, and students and faculty members alike are excited to press “pause” on their busy lives at the University.

Spring break comes this year at a time when the weather is both unfriendly and boring. Winter is great in the beginning, because it snows and it sparks playfulness in people, but the novelty wears off. The season is dull and so our lives feel the same. After Sunday’s gorgeous sunny skies, the weather has increased everyone’s dreary opinion of winter and excitement for spring.

Not only is the weather progressing on a seemingly never-ending cycle of cold, a little snowfall, melting, cold, cold and cold, but school for most students at this point is something like study, midterm, study, midterm and midterm. A stressful combination – then add work, and 10-minute naps seem excessive.

But thankfully, spring break is here to save the day. Whether you plan to spend your spring break in the heated air of a tropical paradise, in the cold weather riding fresh powder or at home lying on your sofa, enjoy it. Let yourself relax and forget about school for at least part of your time off. That is why it’s called a break. Then go ahead and catch up in your classes so you are ahead of the game when you get back to it all.

Students and faculty members will return from spring break with a renewed excitement about life, partially because of the (hopefully) warmer weather in the near future, and partially because of the break allowing time to do things we really enjoy and usually can’t fit into our busy lives.

The changes adhered to the coming season are almost upon us. The weather will change from cold to warm, the skies will turn from gray to blue and our shoes will change from, well, shoes to sandals. So, get ready. Buy yourself a new pair or break out your old favorites, do some spring cleaning, throw away the moldy carrot lying in your front yard from Mr. Snowman’s nose and buy yourself some sunscreen.

But whatever you do, have fun, and we’ll see you in 10 days.