Snow, accidents cover metro

There was one death and 654 metro-area crashes this weekend.

Snow, accidents cover metro

About a foot of snow blanketed the Twin Cities metro area over the weekend.

Although some took advantage by building snowmen or sledding, others faced driving difficulties throughout the metro and in Dinkytown.

The metro recorded about 650 crashes between Friday night and Monday morning, Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske said.

Of these crashes, 67 involved injuries and one resulted in death. In addition, Roeske said 1,299 vehicles went off the road or spun out.

“It’s the first real winter storm we’ve had since two years ago, so it probably took a little bit of an adjustment for people to get back to working with that,” Roeske said.

One north Minneapolis resident suffered a fatal heart attack while shoveling snow, Minneapolis police Sgt. Steve McCarty said.

But University of Minnesota police were not as busy as expected.

Lt. Troy Buhta said there haven’t been any accident reports and very few towing incidents on campus since the snowfall.

“On campus, we haven’t really had to tow anybody,” Buhta said. “It’s basically business as usual for us.”

There were 74 tows in Dinkytown and the surrounding areas on the first day of the snow emergency, City of Minneapolis spokesman Casper Hill said.

Roeske said commuters, especially bikers, need to “exercise caution.”

“The most important thing is to plan on extra time to get places and not to be in a hurry,” Roeske said. “We see most of the problems with motorists are people driving too fast because they don’t allow for the delays that are typically associated with these weather events.”

Tuesday is the third day of a snow emergency in Minneapolis.

Parking is banned on the odd sides of non-snow emergency routes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.