Daily Digest: Feet washing at MSU, Turkey Day travel expected to be down

Mike Rose

Hope you are well on this Monday. Enjoy your short week and definitely enjoy some turkey! Here’s a quick Digest for you:

*Interesting story from the Mankato Free-Press today on feet-washing stations that have been installed at Minnesota State University. The feet-washers, which are new to the campus’ Centennial Student Union, are meant to serve Muslim students who wash their feet, hands, head and face before prayer. " It’s symbolically important that we try to make accommodations for everybody to be able to use [the student union],” Minnesota State Student Association President Ryan Anderson told the Free-Press. Could Coffman perhaps follow suit down the road?

*The Star Tribune has a story out on the expected decrease of college students traveling for Thanksgiving. The AAA reporterd that Thanksgiving road travel will decrease by 1.2 percent. Air travel is expected to drop by 7.2 percent, largely because of 2.6 million fewer seats, and airfares going up. Ironically, this is all happening while gas prices plunge, but it is expected that the tough economic times will lead many students to simply wait for Christmas to travel. See mndaily.com on Wednesday for more.

*Lastly, the MinnPost editors’ pick today is the marching band story from the Daily’s own Karlee Weinmann. If you haven’t read it, you should take a look, as it is an interesting feature on how the band prepared for their last football game at the Metrodome. Also, the story has received 46 comments as of last check, which is extraordinarily high for one of our articles. Guess people like talking about the band…

Good day.

Mike Rose Managing editor